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“Fuck you for leaving. Fuck you for lying. Fuck you for being so confusing. Fuck you for making me sad. Fuck you for making me think I meant something to you. Fuck you.”

"Fuck you." - Anonymous (via rudimenta1)

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“My brain and this world don’t fit each other.”

G.K. Chesterton (via observando)

(via worldspoorpesssimist)

Title: Ukelele Medley Artist: Twenty One Pilots 6,921 plays


-No one | Alicia Keys

-I’m Yours | Jason  Mraz

-All I do Is Win | DJ Khaled

-Don’t Matter | Akon

-Ignition | R Kelly

-Semi-Charmed Life | Third Eye Blind

-Ride With Me | Nelly

(via tripforconcerts)

(via tripforconcerts)

Becca, 20 |-/


Pizza maker.

Ukulele player.

Good Karma.

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