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If u got an earth hand Fist me



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It’s not as easy as it seems.

Theres a constant war going on in my head whenever someone tries to get to know me. I’m honest with who I am and generally open, but I’m always nervous.

Nervous that they won’t care, that they generally just like my looks, or soon get bored of me cause I’m not typically ‘easy’ like some girls.

I’m just done wasting my time letting someone get to know me, I get to know them, only for it all to collapse in front of me.

I want a relationship in the worst way. I want to be with someone who adores me for who I am and is willing to handle me when times get tough. I just want to really matter to someone.

I’m just terrified. I’m just mentally exhausted getting comfortable around someone to only watch them walk away without ever looking back. …

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(via tylerjjoseph)

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Pizza maker.
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It's amazing how enjoyable life is if you focus on the little things it has to offer.

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